With specialties in psychoanalysis and child and adolescent psychology, I am dedicated to helping you or a loved one resolve emotional conflicts and behavioral issues through the process of individual or couples therapy, psychoanalysis as needed or preferred, and family therapy. With an increase in self-acceptance and self-control, better communication skills, and enhanced understanding and regulation of both thoughts and feelings, you can overcome the following:  
Anxiety disorders, depression, anger, and guilt. 
Parent-child, marital, and relationship conflicts.
Self-esteem, self-confidence, and body-image problems.
Borderline Personality Disorder; sexual abuse.
Inhibition, phobias, obsessive-compulsive and oppositional defiant disorders.
Psychological/educational testing is also available for Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Gifted,  Autism Spectrum Disorders, and testing accommodations for the SAT and LSAT.
The path to better mental and behavioral health, and satisfying relationships begins with a phone call, so call me today to schedule an initial consultation, or if you have any questions about how psychotherapy or testing may help you or a loved one. Your phone call is strictly confidential. Appointments are available late afternoon and early evenings Monday through Friday with Saturday usually reserved for testing. Some insurance plans and credit card payments are accepted. 
My practice: