"Atonement" - the movie, an analysis of betrayal, guilt, and manic-depressive dynamics;
       "Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Couples Therapy" with Glenn Good, Ph.D;  "Desire in the Consulting Room" with Jay Greenberg, Ph.D; and "Attachement Disorders" with Arietta Slade, Ph.D, sponsored by Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology at Memorial Hospital.
  "Learning Disabilites and Mental Health", sponsored by Ruth Rales South Florida Conference on Children and Families.
  "Sexual Abuse and the Thematic Apperception Test"; "School Consultation"; and
      "Childhood Depression" sponsored by Annual Convention of Florida Association of School Psychologists. 
   "Normal and Pathological Development", sponsored by Boca Raton Community Hospital
        Annual Conference on Adoption.
   "Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder", sponsored by Palm Beach State College.
    "Depression and Suicide", sponsored by 45th Street Mental Health Clinic.